Platinum Corporate Allied Partner, AIA Spokane by Tony Roslund

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The majority of my business these days is commercial architecture photography (and video), so I interact with lots of architects and other A/E/C community teams. In an effort to expand on my current relationships, and support the relationships with those I have in the community, I've joined up as a Platinum Allied Partner with the AIA. This is their top level membership for non-architects and I'm proud to be a part, after all, without these folks creating all the epic architecture designs in the area, I'd be out of work!

In addition to my membership, I'm also sponsoring the upcoming 2018 Design Awards, with many of the submissions featuring my photography work. I'm excited to see some of these superb designs recognized and wish all the participants best of luck. 

Luxury Skincare Product Photography by Tony Roslund


Who says catalog photography can't be sexy? We recently photographed a line of products for H is for Love, a cruelty-free and almost entirely organic and wild-sourced luxury skincare company. Their tagline is "Nature is Enough" which we thought was a good match with us and our tagline of "Do Average Elsewhere." We both offer bold statements that helps us stay focused on a mission of quality. 

When Bee, the owner of H is for Love, approached us about photographing her product line, we could instantly see the passion and intensity she feels for both her brand and her products. Her problem was her photography was, well, average. We took on the project and helped develop and execute her vision of clean simplicity with a luxury feel, but without being pretentious. 

Check out a selection of H is for Love's final product images below. Be on the look out for her upcoming new website and the launch of a couple new products.

Architect Magazine Feature by Tony Roslund


We had the opportunity to photograph a project in Spokane, WA that is turning heads and making headlines. Spokane-based architecture firm ALSC Architects created the new downtown space which houses both STCU and Rocket Bakery. 

The project earned ALSC the highest honor at the Spokane Mayor's Urban Design Awards, the Mayor's Choice Award. It also was featured in Architect Magazine's Project Gallery and has become a visual gem of downtown Spokane.

If you follow us on our YouTube channel, you may recognize this project from our Beyond the Blueprint video series, which discusses some of the challenges, unique design concepts, and interesting solutions involved in the project. Go check that out here.

New Swag Available! by Tony Roslund

It's been a while since we had T-Shirts and Hats available for our clients, family, friends, and fans. But now we're back with our latest round of items including Men's and Ladies' T-Shirts, Hats, and even a Coffee Mug (or Whiskey Mug, we're not here to judge). Be sure to check out all these items in our store and check back often for new designs and limited edition items. Oh, and FREE SHIPPING within the U.S. and heavily discounted shipping worldwide.

Office Snapshots Feature by Tony Roslund

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We recently photographed the new home for one of our favorite architect clients, HDG Architecture. Their new office in Spokane, WA, and the images we created, were recently featured here in Office Snapshots. 

Office Snapshots is a leading online resource for office design and regularly features some pretty epic spaces.... often photographed by some epic photographers! It is an incredible asset not only for architects and designers, but also for architectural photographers seeking to keep an eye on current trends and styles.

What's in My Bag (And Studio) by Tony Roslund

Not a day goes by that someone doesn't message, tweet, post, or email me about gear. I guess that's because I have quite a bit of it. OK, lots of it. At one time, probably more than most photographers out there. I've started selling off gear like crazy the past year, opting for a smaller, lighter kit. For example, I dumped my big heavy studio packs and switched over to battery powered heads. I've also started using DLSRs more often than my medium format camera. They say that it's not about the gear, which is partially true. Having a great camera doesn't make you a great photographer any more than having a great stove makes you a great chef. On the flip side, knowing limitations of shitty gear and how to use your tools well can yield better results. I've carefully chosen each piece of gear I own through extensive testing and experimentation to decide what works best for me, my workflow, and my style of shooting. Don't ever buy gear just because someone else uses it, ALWAYS try it out and form your own opinions based on the results and functionality. What do I use? Here's a partial list . . .


  • Foba Asaba Studio Stand
  • Gitzo Carbon Fiber G5510SGT Carbon Tripod
  • Really Right Stuff TVC-34L Carbon Tripod
  • Really Right Stuff TVC-23 Carbon Tripod
  • Really Right Stuff BH-55 Ball Head
  • Really Right Stuff BH-40 Ball Head
  • Arca Swiss Cube C1 Head
  • Manfrotto 535 Tripod w/504HD Fluid Head
  • Manfrotto Tripod w/502 Fluid Head
  • DJI Osmo 3-Axis Gimbal
  • DJI Osmo Mobile 3-Axis Gimble
  • GorillaPod Focus with Ballhead
  • SunwayFoto T1A20 Tripod
  • Kessler Stealth Slider
  • Rhino Slider EVO Carbon Motion Slider
  • Really Right Stuff and/or Kirk Arca Swiss style plates


  • Phase One DF+ w/PhaseOne IQ160 Digital Back
  • Arca Swiss RM3Di
  • Cambo Ultima D
  • Canon 1DX
  • Canon 5D Mark IV
  • Canon 80D (x2)
  • DJI Mavic Pro Drone


  • Phase One 120mm f/4 Macro MF
  • Phase One 80mm f/2.8 LS
  • Phase One 45mm f/2.8
  • Schneider Kreuznach 47mm f/5.6
  • Schneider Kreuznach 35mm f/5.6
  • Schneider Kreuznach 120mm f/5.6
  • Schneider Kreuznach 90mm f/5.6
  • Canon 70-200 f/2.8L Mark II
  • Canon 135 f/2L
  • Canon 100 f/2.8L Macro
  • Canon 85 f/1.2L
  • Canon 50 f/1.2L
  • Canon 16-35 f/2.8L Mark II
  • Canon 24 TS-E Mark II
  • Canon 17 TS-E Mark II
  • Canon 1.4x III Extender
  • Canon 18-135 f/3.5-4.5 (x2)


  • Profoto B1 500 AirTTL Battery-Powered Flash (x4)
  • Profoto Air Remote TTL-C
  • Neewer TT850 Speed Light (x3) - These are junk
  • Yongnuo 560 IV Speed Light (x2) - These are also junk
  • Fiilex 360EX LEDs (x3)
  • Profoto StripLight S


  • Profoto Zoom II Reflector (x4)
  • Profoto Grids (5, 10, 20 degree) for Zoom II Reflector
  • Profoto Softlight Reflector (Silver)
  • Profoto 25 degree Grid for Softlight Reflector
  • Profoto 5' Octa Bank
  • Profoto 4' Strip Bank (x3)
  • Profoto SpotLight
  • Profoto XL 60" Deep Umbrella
  • Impact 60" Satin Umbrella
  • Impact 45" Satin Umbrella (x2)
  • Impact 7' Parabolic Umbrella (White)


  • Avenger 40" Century Stands (x4)
  • Avenger 20" Century Stands (x2)
  • Matthews Hi Hi Overhead Roller 21.5' 
  • Matthews Med Overhead Roller 14' (x2)
  • Matthews Low Boy Roller (x2)
  • Red Wing Standard Boom (x2)
  • Manfrotto Alu Master Air-Cushioned Stand 1004BAC (x4)
  • Manfrotto A526B (x3)
  • Manfrotto A615B (x2)


I'm not going to itemize this stuff b/c it changes often. But in general, we like:

  • Apple MacBook Pro Computers
  • LG 27" Ultrafine 5K Display
  • Eizo ColorEdge CX271 Monitor
  • G-Technology Drives
  • Wacom Intuos Pro Tablets (Small)
  • Epson Photo Printers


  • SmallHD 701 Lite Display
  • DigiPlate Pro
  • DigiPlate Lite
  • DigiShade
  • DigiHub
  • DigiCables
  • Black Rapid Straps
  • f-Stop Rolling Bag
  • ONA Prince Street Bag
  • Think Tank Photo Airport Security V 2.0 Rolling Camera Bag
  • Think Tank Photo Airport Essentials Backpack
  • Pocket Wizard Plus II (x4)

I have two pieces of advice I offer to every group I speak to . . .

  1. Don't go into debt over this (at least not when starting out). It's hard to be creative when you're worried about how you're going to pay for your gear.
  2. Buy a good Tripod & Head. Spend the money once and you'll never have to buy another one. For photography, I recommend a large carbon fiber model by Gitzo or Really Right Stuff with either a RRS or Arca Swiss head. Yea, they're expensive . . . buy once, cry once.

I get my gear at B&HCapture Integration, and sometimes Amazon.

Tethered Shooting With The Canon 5D Mark IV And Adobe Lightroom CC by Tony Roslund

*Updated 12/11/2016 - Adobe released Lightroom CC 2015.8 this week which includes support for tethered shooting with the 5DMarkII.

Trying to get your new Canon 5D Mark IV to talk to Lightroom with a USB 3.0 connection? Tried everything? Been Googling the interwebs for the past two hours trying to find a solution? If you're reading this, you are probably so frustrated that you want to punch a baby. Take a deep breath and let's see if we can work through it . . .

My Setup

First off, let me tell you about the system I'm using, I'm on a MacBook Pro (retina) with OS 10.12.1 Sierra using the Canon 5D Mark IV. I have the camera connected via USB 3.0 to Adobe Lightroom CC 2015.7 (the latest version as of the date of this post, and the first version to have camera support for the 5D Mark IV).

The Problem

I can start a new tether session in Lightroom, and Lightroom sees my camera. But when I try and fire the shutter, nothing happens. There's also an icon of a computer on the LCD of the camera (any of this sounding familiar?)

I tested with Capture One Pro 9.3 and everything works as it should . . . and it's fast. Really really fast. I mean the first few frames we were wondering what was taking so long for the images to transfer, only to find out they were transferring so fast we were missing it! 

This is all happening without any tether boosters or powered hubs, it seems Canon may have finally gotten their USB 3.0 under control. Yay! (I hate extra cables and parts dangling from my camera). 

The Solution

This is going to sound nuts, but I spent a bunch of time combing through the Google machine looking for answers. This was the most logical thing I could find, so I gave it a shot. Low and behold, it works! It's still kinda nuts though. The solution I found was split between several sources, so I figured it out and decided to create one tidy little tutorial here to make it easy on you. 

First I had to download the latest version of Canon EOS software. I don't use it, so I didn't have it on my machine. I don't have a CD Rom so the disk that came with the camera is useless. When visiting Canon's website and the support page for the 5D Mark IV, there is no software listed as compatible for that model. WTF? The Canon website was auto detecting my operating system as Mac OS Sierra, which is accurate, but also the problem. I changed that setting on Canon's website to El Capitan, and sure enough there's the Canon EOS software. Download it. Install it. It will work. Even with Sierra.

*For this next process, anytime you see "Contents" you'll need to right click on the file and select Show Package Contents.

Next, you'll want to navigate to the following on your Mac:

Applications/Canon Utilities/EOS Utility/EU3/EOS Utility

Copy the contents of folder A (Cmd+C).

Now navigate to:

Applications/Adobe Lightroom/Adobe

Paste contents of EOS Utility folder A into Lightroom folder A (Cmd+V). It will ask you if you want to overwrite existing files, say yes. Don't delete the contents that already exist in that folder, there's other good bits in there, you just want to overwrite the parts that are more current from the Canon EOS software.

Restart Lightroom. Send thank you gifts to:

421 W. Riverside Ave, Suite 105
Spokane, WA 99201


Canon 5D Mark IV vs Sony a7RII - My Thoughts by Tony Roslund

Boxing Ring Spotlit Dark

When the Canon 5D Mark IV was first announced, I was underwhelmed. On the surface it seemed that all the new features Canon listed were features that should have been included in the 5D Mark III. Competitors like Sony were so far ahead with most of the things Canon was touting about their new camera, it seemed almost like an April Fool's joke. No way was I going to leave my newly aquired Sony platform to go back to a company that was so far behind. Or so I thought.

I was surprised to see how clean the Canon files were.

When pixel peeping files from my beloved Sony a7RII compared to the files from this new Canon 5D Mark IV, I was surprised to see how clean the Canon files were. The Sony is no slouch mind you, but lenses are a problem. At 42MP, the sensor has more resolving power than most lenses can provide. Sure, there's exceptions, like my 85mm f/1.4 GM, which was designed to work specifically on cameras like the a7RII. Still, the 5D4 was a nice clean file (albiet smaller resolution). The 5DSR was also on my watch list, but at 50MP it was even more of a problem with lenses (plus the file sizes are massive). A already own a Phase One medium format camera that provides me with massive files and amazing detail, so that wasn't necessarily an issue for me. Speed, simplicity, and compatability are what I'm after. These are things that the new Canon does REALLY well, even if they were a little late to the game.

I'm not even going to bother posting sample images from both cameras here b/c they're both SO close that the only real difference is resolution (again, I've already got that covered).
What I will talk about is the other things I observed after using both cameras:

  • The a7RII is slightly sharper. 
  • The 5D4 handles noise slightly better. 
  • The Sony has slightly more dynamic range. 
  • The Canon has better color. 
  • The Sony has an EVF. 
  • The Canon menu system is simpler and customizable (that's a big deal).
  • The Sony has Play Memories app (stupid name) which allows tethered shooting to a mobile device, but it's a PITA to connect.
  • The Canon Camera Connect app is well made and lightning fast for WiFi tethered shooting.
  • The Sony app store allows you to download additional functionality to the camera (but it has bugs and almost never works).
  • The Canon works with just about any software. 
  • The Sony requires CaptureOne for tethered shooting. 
  • The Canon is eligible for Canon Professional Services (CPS).
  • The Sony costs more. 
  • The Canon is bigger and still has a mirror (why?).
  • The Sony only has one memory card slot.
  • The Canon has USB 3.0.
  • The Sony charges via USB 2.0 connection while tethered shooting.
  • The Canon has two memory card slots, but one is SD and the other CF (why?)
  • The Sony has focus peaking.
  • I wasn't interested in video performance with these two cameras, I have other cameras for that, however the Sony does have a LOG profile whereas the Canon does not. ***(update: Canon introduced a newer version of the 5D4 with LOG in mid-2017)

Having tested both cameras, there's just something about the Canon I like, so I've sold all my Sony gear and gone back to Canon! Maybe it's their glass (which is beautiful), maybe it's not having to use a Metabones adapter. Maybe it's native Tilt-Shift lenses. I can't exactly answer the question (weird I know), it's just a feeling in my gut. 

...tethered shooting in the WiFi app and using customized menus allowed me to capture more images on a recent architecture job than I ever would have thought possible.

I can say that tethered shooting in the WiFi app and using customized menus allowed me to capture more images on a recent architecture job than I ever would have thought possible. I processed the images in Lightroom (for the first time in a long time) and remember how much I love that app for RAW conversion. It's seamless integration with Photoshop is another huge time saver. Something that irritated me though . . . you can rate images right on the camera using the new Rate button, which I thought was pretty slick. Unfortunately, those ratings don't carry over with the images to Lightroom. I wish Canon would use the same metadata as Adobe here.

One of the things I did notice in post was when zoomed to 100% the Canon images seemed to hold together better. The edges of buildings and furniture seemed sharper and cleaner. This is a big deal for me since I typically edit at 100% or greater when working on architectural images.

For those of you wondering about other brands, I'll say this . . . the Nikon D810 is the best DSLR camera available for those looking for tack sharp images, beautiful color, and manageable file sizes. Hands down. I love the images from the Nikon D810. I had an issue with Nikon customer service a few years back and sold all my Nikon gear. I swore I'd never go back.

What do you think? Am I nuts? Still got questions? Let me know in the comments and/or share your experiences with these cameras. I'll try to respond to everyone.

Hospitality Design Magazine Feature by Tony Roslund

One of our fan favorite projects, NUDO Ramen House, earned a multi-page feature in Hospitality Design Magazine for HDG Architecture. Challenging to shoot, with high ceilings, combination of dark and light materials, and a long narrow footprint, we worked through the night lighting the scenes and making sure we maximized composition to perfectly capture the feel of the space.

Featured on Retail Design Blog by Tony Roslund

Recently the DCI Engineers project we shot for HDG Architecture was feature on Retail Design Blog. The building has been completely rehabbed to facilitate the firm's Spokane office, and we were hired to capture it all. The space is so bright and open that I photographed this entire project using only natural light with the exception of the stairwell.

Our New Food Portfolio Book Is Done! by Tony Roslund

We've spent the past few weeks sorting and pairing images to be printed in our 2016 food & beverage portfolio, the one we show to prospective clients we're hoping to work with, and it's pretty amazing. 

Our Brand Manager, Paul Terrell, spent countless hours finding just the right crop, pairing, and printing the 11x14 pages here in the studio, then bound them all into our plexiglass portfolio from Lost Luggage.

We had the opportunity to share this new piece with a potential client yesterday, and the reaction was exactly what we'd hoped for. The client's senses were clearly stimulated, not only from the mouth watering images, but also by the tactile feel of the Moab Lasal paper on which we chose to print.

As vibrant as the images are on the iPad, there's still something about seeing those big beautiful images on soft matte paper, that digital portfolios just can't replace.

Our new portfolio book is complete! Time to show it off. #foodphotography

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Kobold Photo/Video Project by Tony Roslund

Kobold came to us to create product stills, one hero shot, and instructional videos, but this project has been more than that. We took it as an opportunity to help set a mood for their brand identity.

Kobold is a fairly young startup and one of our newest clients. They have developed groundbreaking applicators for the radiation oncology world and they are really shaking up the industry. As Kobold has gained traction, they have also evaluated the brand they created and realized it has morphed into a design/development firm rather than a manufacturer of products. So, with our hero shot and videos, we are helping them build that image. 

Kobold hero image used in a website mockup. 

Kobold hero image used in a website mockup. 

We teamed up with the video crew over at RGG EDU to shoot the instructional video series for Kobold. We have a great relationship with the St. Louis-based crew and we knew they were the right guys to help us nail this project. It was a tall task to shoot three 3-5 minute videos all in one day. We were able to reserve operating room time to give a realistic scene for the demonstration and we used one of the doctors and his nurse as the main stars. We are excited to dive into post production and create some amazing videos for use by doctors all over the world. 

Behind the Scenes - Setup and Pre-Production

Behind the Scenes - Kobold Video Shoot

We teamed up with HDG again... by Tony Roslund

Hurtado | Hissong Design Group [HDG] has been one of our favorite design/architecture groups to work with for quite a while. They have a passion for what they do and they know that the best way to show their work to the world is through dynamic imagery.... This is where we come in. Their projects (and some of our images) have been featured in Hospitality Design, Retail Design Blog, and many others. Below are a few projects we have completed for HDG...

Nectar Wine & Beer opened this year and has several unique design features that made for a fun photo shoot.

Timber Gastro Pub is another HDG project that opened this year in Post Falls, Idaho. This project was featured here in the Retail Design Blog.

The Boiler Room is a pizza joint in North Spokane with a cool industrial vibe, outfitted with reclaimed wood, concrete block, and pipe fixtures. 

Marketing Associates of Spokane Panel by Tony Roslund

Marketing Associates of Spokane (MAS) recently held an event at the Spokane Convention Center featuring local panelists. The topic of the event was "Missed Media Opportunities in the A/E/C Industry." For those who aren't familiar, A/E/C stands for Architecture/Engineering/Construction. 

MAS offered Tony the opportunity to join the discussion along with three other talented and knowledgeable panelists: Michelle Hege, President and CEO of DH, Kim Crompton, Editor at the Spokane Journal of Business, and Trinity Spencer, Assignment Manager at KREM

Panelists from Left: Kim Crompton, Michelle Hege, Trinity Spencer, and Tony Roslund.

Panelists from Left: Kim Crompton, Michelle Hege, Trinity Spencer, and Tony Roslund.

Tony offered his expertise in architectural photography to the MAS members. All of the panelists had very useful information and the event was a great success. The members seemed very engaged and were able to walk away with new insight on how to seize marketing opportunities via photography, video, social media, and print. 

Over 50 MAS members attended the event. 

Over 50 MAS members attended the event. 

Gonzaga University Gets a New Pub by Tony Roslund

Gonzaga University recently opened it's brand new John J. Hemmingson Center  equipped with a full-service restaurant called The Bulldog. The menu includes pub fare with an upscale feel and the chef did a great job creating an attractive menu. We teamed up with Sodexo, Gonzaga's food service provider, to shoot the entire menu. The Bulldog is open to the public, so go check it out!