Platinum Corporate Allied Partner, AIA Spokane by Tony Roslund

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The majority of my business these days is commercial architecture photography (and video), so I interact with lots of architects and other A/E/C community teams. In an effort to expand on my current relationships, and support the relationships with those I have in the community, I've joined up as a Platinum Allied Partner with the AIA. This is their top level membership for non-architects and I'm proud to be a part, after all, without these folks creating all the epic architecture designs in the area, I'd be out of work!

In addition to my membership, I'm also sponsoring the upcoming 2018 Design Awards, with many of the submissions featuring my photography work. I'm excited to see some of these superb designs recognized and wish all the participants best of luck. 

Architect Magazine Feature by Tony Roslund


We had the opportunity to photograph a project in Spokane, WA that is turning heads and making headlines. Spokane-based architecture firm ALSC Architects created the new downtown space which houses both STCU and Rocket Bakery. 

The project earned ALSC the highest honor at the Spokane Mayor's Urban Design Awards, the Mayor's Choice Award. It also was featured in Architect Magazine's Project Gallery and has become a visual gem of downtown Spokane.

If you follow us on our YouTube channel, you may recognize this project from our Beyond the Blueprint video series, which discusses some of the challenges, unique design concepts, and interesting solutions involved in the project. Go check that out here.

New Swag Available! by Tony Roslund

It's been a while since we had T-Shirts and Hats available for our clients, family, friends, and fans. But now we're back with our latest round of items including Men's and Ladies' T-Shirts, Hats, and even a Coffee Mug (or Whiskey Mug, we're not here to judge). Be sure to check out all these items in our store and check back often for new designs and limited edition items. Oh, and FREE SHIPPING within the U.S. and heavily discounted shipping worldwide.

Office Snapshots Feature by Tony Roslund

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We recently photographed the new home for one of our favorite architect clients, HDG Architecture. Their new office in Spokane, WA, and the images we created, were recently featured here in Office Snapshots. 

Office Snapshots is a leading online resource for office design and regularly features some pretty epic spaces.... often photographed by some epic photographers! It is an incredible asset not only for architects and designers, but also for architectural photographers seeking to keep an eye on current trends and styles.

Tethered Shooting With The Canon 5D Mark IV And Adobe Lightroom CC by Tony Roslund

*Updated 12/11/2016 - Adobe released Lightroom CC 2015.8 this week which includes support for tethered shooting with the 5DMarkII.

Trying to get your new Canon 5D Mark IV to talk to Lightroom with a USB 3.0 connection? Tried everything? Been Googling the interwebs for the past two hours trying to find a solution? If you're reading this, you are probably so frustrated that you want to punch a baby. Take a deep breath and let's see if we can work through it . . .

My Setup

First off, let me tell you about the system I'm using, I'm on a MacBook Pro (retina) with OS 10.12.1 Sierra using the Canon 5D Mark IV. I have the camera connected via USB 3.0 to Adobe Lightroom CC 2015.7 (the latest version as of the date of this post, and the first version to have camera support for the 5D Mark IV).

The Problem

I can start a new tether session in Lightroom, and Lightroom sees my camera. But when I try and fire the shutter, nothing happens. There's also an icon of a computer on the LCD of the camera (any of this sounding familiar?)

I tested with Capture One Pro 9.3 and everything works as it should . . . and it's fast. Really really fast. I mean the first few frames we were wondering what was taking so long for the images to transfer, only to find out they were transferring so fast we were missing it! 

This is all happening without any tether boosters or powered hubs, it seems Canon may have finally gotten their USB 3.0 under control. Yay! (I hate extra cables and parts dangling from my camera). 

The Solution

This is going to sound nuts, but I spent a bunch of time combing through the Google machine looking for answers. This was the most logical thing I could find, so I gave it a shot. Low and behold, it works! It's still kinda nuts though. The solution I found was split between several sources, so I figured it out and decided to create one tidy little tutorial here to make it easy on you. 

First I had to download the latest version of Canon EOS software. I don't use it, so I didn't have it on my machine. I don't have a CD Rom so the disk that came with the camera is useless. When visiting Canon's website and the support page for the 5D Mark IV, there is no software listed as compatible for that model. WTF? The Canon website was auto detecting my operating system as Mac OS Sierra, which is accurate, but also the problem. I changed that setting on Canon's website to El Capitan, and sure enough there's the Canon EOS software. Download it. Install it. It will work. Even with Sierra.

*For this next process, anytime you see "Contents" you'll need to right click on the file and select Show Package Contents.

Next, you'll want to navigate to the following on your Mac:

Applications/Canon Utilities/EOS Utility/EU3/EOS Utility

Copy the contents of folder A (Cmd+C).

Now navigate to:

Applications/Adobe Lightroom/Adobe

Paste contents of EOS Utility folder A into Lightroom folder A (Cmd+V). It will ask you if you want to overwrite existing files, say yes. Don't delete the contents that already exist in that folder, there's other good bits in there, you just want to overwrite the parts that are more current from the Canon EOS software.

Restart Lightroom. Send thank you gifts to:

421 W. Riverside Ave, Suite 105
Spokane, WA 99201


Our New Food Portfolio Book Is Done! by Tony Roslund

We've spent the past few weeks sorting and pairing images to be printed in our 2016 food & beverage portfolio, the one we show to prospective clients we're hoping to work with, and it's pretty amazing. 

Our Brand Manager, Paul Terrell, spent countless hours finding just the right crop, pairing, and printing the 11x14 pages here in the studio, then bound them all into our plexiglass portfolio from Lost Luggage.

We had the opportunity to share this new piece with a potential client yesterday, and the reaction was exactly what we'd hoped for. The client's senses were clearly stimulated, not only from the mouth watering images, but also by the tactile feel of the Moab Lasal paper on which we chose to print.

As vibrant as the images are on the iPad, there's still something about seeing those big beautiful images on soft matte paper, that digital portfolios just can't replace.

Our new portfolio book is complete! Time to show it off. #foodphotography

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Marketing Associates of Spokane Panel by Tony Roslund

Marketing Associates of Spokane (MAS) recently held an event at the Spokane Convention Center featuring local panelists. The topic of the event was "Missed Media Opportunities in the A/E/C Industry." For those who aren't familiar, A/E/C stands for Architecture/Engineering/Construction. 

MAS offered Tony the opportunity to join the discussion along with three other talented and knowledgeable panelists: Michelle Hege, President and CEO of DH, Kim Crompton, Editor at the Spokane Journal of Business, and Trinity Spencer, Assignment Manager at KREM

Panelists from Left: Kim Crompton, Michelle Hege, Trinity Spencer, and Tony Roslund.

Panelists from Left: Kim Crompton, Michelle Hege, Trinity Spencer, and Tony Roslund.

Tony offered his expertise in architectural photography to the MAS members. All of the panelists had very useful information and the event was a great success. The members seemed very engaged and were able to walk away with new insight on how to seize marketing opportunities via photography, video, social media, and print. 

Over 50 MAS members attended the event. 

Over 50 MAS members attended the event. 

Back from PPE in NYC by Tony Roslund

Well, I survived my first ever Photo Plus Expo (PPE) convention. I flew out to New York and stayed at a house with my friends from RGG EDU and Image Rights in an AirBNB in Brooklyn. The convention features talks by some of the biggest names in photography, along with a 3-day vendor expo. I had an opportunity to visit several of the vendors whom I've done business with in the past and meet some new people who have some great products coming out to the photography and video industry.

The real reason for the trip was the infamous RGG EDU Black & White After Party. After just a few years since their start, these After Parties have become legendary among PPE and WPPI attendees. This year didn't disappoint, sponsored by Peter Hurley Headshot Crew, Resource Magazine, and Image Rights, with some of the biggest names in photography, like Peter Hurley, Chase Jarvis, Jaron Schneider, Douglas Saunders, Peter Coulson, Dani Diamond, Zach Sutton, and Clay Cook in attendance. I enjoyed tending bar with my Canadian buddy Barry McKenzie, over-serving all the guests, and ultimately having the time of my life. I can't wait to do it again in Vegas 2016 for WPPI, and I hope to see you there!

BTS Video from Our Latest Workshop by Tony Roslund

Thanks to all who attended, we sincerely enjoyed having you with us for the day! A special thanks to BlackRapid for lending us their space, RGG EDU and Capture Integration for sponsoring the event, and Erik Skaar for helping melt minds with our latest product photography workshop in Seattle.

Our RGG EDU Product Photography Tutorial Has Arrived! by Tony Roslund

The wait is over! RGG EDU launched Tony's tutorial this morning, and it's already selling like hot cakes. This week only, RGG EDU is offering $25 off with promo code 25OFF, making this comprehensive and valuable guide an even better deal. If you need further convincing, take a look at the trailers.

And before you start thinking everything is perfection, nothing ever goes wrong, and we're a serious bunch...

Roslund and HDG: A Savory Combination by Tony Roslund

Not only is Nudo Ramen House one of our favorite places to eat, the design of the space has achieved international recognition for HDG. Our images of the restaurant have been recently featured in two design magazines, Hospitality Design and House Trends in Portugal, as well as Wonderful Machine's February 26th Blog. We are honored to be working with such amazing and talented people and are looking forward to every project they send our way. 


As we've mentioned before, we're wading (or plunging) into video production. Here's a behind the scenes look at how we helped make an already spectacular space magazine ready.

Behind-the-Scenes promo of architectural photography at Nudo Ramen House in Spokane, WA for HDG Architecture & Design.


Our Product Photography Tutorial Is Only a Few Weeks Away by Tony Roslund

Back in the first part of December, 2014, Tony had the opportunity to shoot some epic tutorial videos for RGG EDU (you can get a peek behind the scenes on the RGG EDU blog). Over a period of eight days, the RGG EDU crew shot fifteen videos of Tony imparting his knowledge of commercial product photography for Catalog, Editorial, and Direct Business. The shoot was 3 months in the works, and another two in post production, but is finally ready for it's launch the first week of March. The tutorial offers an in depth, step by step break down of product photography from set up to post.  RGG EDU and Tony offer a valuable resource for anyone with an interest in commercial product photography, and at $299 it's a hellova deal! Anyone who signs up for RGG EDU's online newsletter gets opportunities for early release of the tutorials as well as info on upcoming releases and workshops. So go sign up!

We've Added a Little Something New by Tony Roslund


After spending a bit of time with our toes in the water, we've decided that it's time to make it official. With an experienced crew behind me, we're taking off the water wings and diving into the deep end with video production. If you like what we've done with stills, wait till you see what we're doing with video! We look forward to sharing our reel with the world soon. 

Hi, I'm new here! by Tony Roslund

Hello! My name is Emily Smith Goodner, I'm the new Studio Manager here at Roslund Photography. I hesitate in capitalizing my job title. I just started last week and as of yet, have very little idea of what I am doing. Once I get the hang of this job/adventure, I'll capitalize the heck out of it.  For example, this is my very first blog post. EVER! My educational background is in History and film production, but in the years since graduation I have mostly been a barista and plumber. I blame the History portion of my degree for that.

I am really excited to be working with Tony and his crew,  the quality of the product this studio turns out is absolutely amazing.  Before Tony hired me, he invited me to Seattle to attend a worksop at the Black Rapid studio that they generously sponsored with Capture Integration and RGG EDU, so I could see exactly what Roslund Photography does. My outsider's verdict: commercial product photography consists of smoke and mirrors and beautiful lies! I left the workshop enlightened and totally flabbergasted. We were using Tony's Phase One IQ140 along with an IQ260 sent over by Phase One, and a Leaf Credo 40 on loan from Capture Integration. High res cameras pick up every contour of a product, every light reflection, every spec of dust! Each facet of the product must be tightly controlled to ensure the item or items are at their most visually appealing.

These will see into your soul. Make sure you are pure, sinless, and free of all fingerprints and dust. Phase One and Mamiya Leaf cameras and digital backs

These will see into your soul. Make sure you are pure, sinless, and free of all fingerprints and dust. Phase One and Mamiya Leaf cameras and digital backs

The whole experience changed my perspective on not only photography, but advertising, editing, and all the technology that goes with it. The first time in Tony's studio expanded that sense of wonder and curiosity. Twenty feet of black peg-board lines one wall, neatly organizing the countless tools a studio needs. I'm in Mac heaven around here, little apples glowing as they facilitate the technological demands of an industry gone totally digital.  I am certainly old enough to remember dark rooms and film. The dark room here is a combination of storeroom and time capsule, the equipment gathering dust and getting buried under piles of old photography detritus. 

Dusty room, dusty image.

Dusty room, dusty image.

It's great to have a new sense of excitement and wonder. I'll tell you about it as I learn. I'll tell you about the super cool gadgets we use, the companies we get to work with, the products that catch our eye, opportunities Roslund Photography gives to expand the craft, and of course my evolving perspective. Stick around.

The Psychology Behind Photography Bids by Tony Roslund

I have learned a lot over the years regarding pricing and bidding commercial photography. I still have a lot to learn. I've made mistakes (lots of them) and had some victories (fortunately). Sometimes as photographers we feel isolated on this psychological roller coaster of wins and losses. The reality is, no matter where you are in your photography career, no matter how big (or small) your clients are, we're all struggling with the same issues when it comes to bidding a gig.

Read More

BlackRapid Podcast by Tony Roslund

I'm currently in the planning stages for a product photography workshop with the fine folks at BlackRapid, maker of the best straps in the biz, at their Seattle studio in January (more details on that later). During my last visit to their facility, I sat down for a Podcast to discuss my background, my photographic process, Fstoppers, RGG EDU, and lots of other random topics. You can download it on iTunes or listen here: