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We teamed up with HDG again...

Hurtado | Hissong Design Group [HDG] has been one of our favorite design/architecture groups to work with for quite a while. They have a passion for what they do and they know that the best way to show their work to the world is through dynamic imagery.... This is where we come in. Their projects (and some of our images) have been featured in Hospitality Design, Retail Design Blog, and many others. Below are a few projects we have completed for HDG...

Nectar Wine & Beer opened this year and has several unique design features that made for a fun photo shoot.

Timber Gastro Pub is another HDG project that opened this year in Post Falls, Idaho. This project was featured here in the Retail Design Blog.

The Boiler Room is a pizza joint in North Spokane with a cool industrial vibe, outfitted with reclaimed wood, concrete block, and pipe fixtures. 

Gonzaga University Gets a New Pub

Gonzaga University recently opened it's brand new John J. Hemmingson Center  equipped with a full-service restaurant called The Bulldog. The menu includes pub fare with an upscale feel and the chef did a great job creating an attractive menu. We teamed up with Sodexo, Gonzaga's food service provider, to shoot the entire menu. The Bulldog is open to the public, so go check it out!

Roslund and HDG: A Savory Combination

Not only is Nudo Ramen House one of our favorite places to eat, the design of the space has achieved international recognition for HDG. Our images of the restaurant have been recently featured in two design magazines, Hospitality Design and House Trends in Portugal, as well as Wonderful Machine's February 26th Blog. We are honored to be working with such amazing and talented people and are looking forward to every project they send our way. 


As we've mentioned before, we're wading (or plunging) into video production. Here's a behind the scenes look at how we helped make an already spectacular space magazine ready.

Behind-the-Scenes promo of architectural photography at Nudo Ramen House in Spokane, WA for HDG Architecture & Design.


Still Life with Wonderful Machine

Still life photography presents its subject in peaceful repose, whatever it might be. The object is to make that image come alive while remaining perfectly still. Wonderful Machine, who helps connect potential clients to quality photographers in their region, featured one of Tony's images in their February 17th blog post, the image in the second row down, on the right. Shooting the chrome fuel parts presented many lighting challenges, and the folks at Wonderful Machine appreciated it's presentation! Still Life with Gas Caps?

Diamonds are Forever | Jewelry Photography

We wrapped our first catalog shoot for Jewelry Design Center, a new client for our studio and one of the largest jewelers in Spokane. Shooting diamonds and precious stones is always an exercise in patience as even the slightest movement in lighting, camera, or subject position can dramatically change the sparkle or "fire" in the stones.

The settings and bands can also be a challenge because of their highly reflective properties which mirror essentially every angle in the room. Trying to balance the two (stone/settings) and make them both captivating at the same time takes a bit of magic.

Typically, for an advertising shoot, we would shoot for each of those elements separately and composite them in post. On a catalog shoot however, efficiency is key. The budgets are smaller with time frames to match, which means we have to capture the entire piece in a single setup.

With our PhaseOne camera, depth-of-field (depth-of-focus) is very shallow (only a couple millimeters) so we have to shoot 15 images per piece, adjusting the focus slightly with each press of the shutter. We then merge all those captures together in a process called "focus stacking" using special software. This allows us to show the entire piece in focus, a task that would be almost impossible with digital cameras.

Once we've merged the photos, we send them off to a retoucher specializing in jewelry, who cleans up any imperfections.

We look forward to doing more elaborate advertising imagery with JDC in the future, but this project was a great way to get familiar with the client and their preferences. Here's a few of the catalog images we created:

Diamond Jewelry Catalog Photography

Diamond Jewelry Catalog Photography

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First Day with the PhaseOne IQ

I had my first shoot with our new PhaseOne IQ medium format camera this morning . . . WOW! The detail this camera can capture is simply ridiculous.

Close up at 100% - straight out of camera.

Close up at 100% - straight out of camera.

As a product/food/architecture photographer, I don't do a lot of head shots these days. As a third-generation photographer, growing up in portrait studios, I learned how to create solid head shots. It's not necessarily where I wanted to start with this new PhaseOne system, but we put it through the paces none-the-less. With a big, bright viewfinder, focusing and composing an image is much easier than with my Nikon D800. One caveat is that if you miss the focus, it's real apparent. Below is a sample of the finished image.

Final image

Final image

The Professional Advantage

There are times I communicate with potential clients regarding a project that they ultimately elect to either tackle themselves, or hire another photographer who may not have adequate experience in the applicable genre. The decision is usually made with the intention of helping their business by saving money. The problem with that philosophy is that photography is generally not an area where cutting corners actually helps a business. Before consumers buy a product or hire a service provider, they are usually drawn to images of the product or the service provider's work. Poor quality of images can actually work against a business having a reverse effect. In architecture photography for example, while a contractor may be a phenomenal craftsman, if the images they use to display examples of their work contain slanted walls caused by odd camera angles, or distorted counter tops, vanities, and furniture because of "wide-angle" lenses, potential customers may miss the intended message. This is where an experienced professional can be a huge advantage.

In the example below, a client of mine who's a very talented fabricator and artist, shot his own photo of a table he'd completed and used it for an ad in a local publication. Later, he decided that the image simply didn't do the table justice. He hired me to reshoot the table which we both feel better represents the stunning quality of his work.

Which image would capture your interest when thumbing through a magazine or newspaper? Better yet, which table would you be more inclined to buy?

Before (Client Photo)

Before (Client Photo)

After (Photographer Photo)

After (Photographer Photo)

Promo Mailer by Wonderful Machine

This week Wonderful Machine sent nearly 5000 creatives this piece promoting my work. We're looking forward to gaining more traction in the food/beverage industry as we continue to work with the various NW breweries, distilleries, and restaurants. If you're ready to refresh the look of your marketing materials or promote your brand through creative imagery, give us a call!

The Pilates Life | Spokane Commercial Photography

After moving to their new location, The Pilates Life decided it was time to refresh their website and contacted me to create a library of environmental images in their South Hill studio. It's a nice open space with great natural light, so I decided to use that to my advantage and go for a more candid approach, instead of the massive amount of gear I usually employ. As a result, we were in and out within just a few hours. Here's a few of my favorites from the day:


The Rusty Moose | Spokane Restaurant Photography

Wrapped up an interior shoot at Rusty Moose Bar and Grill last week, including two views of their main dining room and this one of their newly renovated lounge! Shooting the environments full of patrons was no easy task and involved compositing over 35 images. But the restaurant and it’s staff genuinely create a fun and friendly atmosphere in which people were happy and relaxed, making my job just a little bit easier.


SCAFCO | Seattle Commercial Photographer

Last week we shot a series of images for SCAFCO, one of the nation's largest manufacturers of steel studs. We spent two days with SCAFCO's marketing guy, Paul Terrell, who provided art direction for the project. The first in the studio and the second on-location at job site where many of their products are being used. The images are going to be used in a variety of advertisements and in their 2014 catalog. We look forward shooting for them in Seattle and possibly even San Francisco later in the year. Here's a few from the shoot: