Kobold Photo/Video Project

Kobold came to us to create product stills, one hero shot, and instructional videos, but this project has been more than that. We took it as an opportunity to help set a mood for their brand identity.

Kobold is a fairly young startup and one of our newest clients. They have developed groundbreaking applicators for the radiation oncology world and they are really shaking up the industry. As Kobold has gained traction, they have also evaluated the brand they created and realized it has morphed into a design/development firm rather than a manufacturer of products. So, with our hero shot and videos, we are helping them build that image. 

Kobold hero image used in a website mockup. 

Kobold hero image used in a website mockup. 

We teamed up with the video crew over at RGG EDU to shoot the instructional video series for Kobold. We have a great relationship with the St. Louis-based crew and we knew they were the right guys to help us nail this project. It was a tall task to shoot three 3-5 minute videos all in one day. We were able to reserve operating room time to give a realistic scene for the demonstration and we used one of the doctors and his nurse as the main stars. We are excited to dive into post production and create some amazing videos for use by doctors all over the world. 

Behind the Scenes - Setup and Pre-Production

Behind the Scenes - Kobold Video Shoot