Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 VRII Repair

Last year Nikon established a policy that restricts the sale of parts to repair shops that are not official Authorized Service Centers. As a result, the nearest service center is nearly 1200 miles away. My choices when the collar knob on my 70-200 broke were to send to Nikon (or a service center) for repair which would have cost nearly $300 and taken up to 2 weeks . . . or we could try to fix it ourselves. Even after we removed the broken shaft on the lens, and we explained we were NPS members with an inventory of 23 Nikon lenses and 6 pro bodies, Nikon still wouldn't send us the $20 part so we could screw it on ourselves. This video documents our experience (yes we know a hammer and wobbly drill press is not the best option for repairing a $2000 lens, but it was certainly more fun):