Podcast Interview on Full Time Photographer by Tony Roslund

I was recently invited to interview with Josh Rossi over at Full Time Photographer for his daily podcast, and it's finally hit the airwaves. We talked about how I got started, some of the trials and tribulations I've dealt with, some of the marketing avenues I've had success (or failure) with, and general advice for those getting started in the industry. Download it in your favorite podcast app or listen online:

"Photography is in Tony Roslund’s blood, he is a 3rd generation photographer with his father and grandfather owning a family studio. He does a lot of editorial and architectural work for magazines and contractors. Learn about Tony’s family studio and how his lineage steered his career."

DIY Diffusion Panels For Less Than $30 by Tony Roslund

As a product photographer, I use diffusion panels almost daily. I prefer the flexability and control I get from them over softboxes, and they're easy to store or pack flat for taking on location. Several companies have prefab "blades" intended for holding diffusion materials and fit nicely into grip heads/knuckles, but at nearly $100 a pop, buying several of them may not fit into everyone's budget. A friend showed me an easy way of making my own for a fraction of the cost, so I put together this video to show you the process.

Note: In the video I used a portion of Rosco #3008 diffusion material from a roll I had in the studio. This material is also available in pre-cut sheets for a few dollars each if you don't want to pony up for an entire roll.