Back from PPE in NYC

Well, I survived my first ever Photo Plus Expo (PPE) convention. I flew out to New York and stayed at a house with my friends from RGG EDU and Image Rights in an AirBNB in Brooklyn. The convention features talks by some of the biggest names in photography, along with a 3-day vendor expo. I had an opportunity to visit several of the vendors whom I've done business with in the past and meet some new people who have some great products coming out to the photography and video industry.

The real reason for the trip was the infamous RGG EDU Black & White After Party. After just a few years since their start, these After Parties have become legendary among PPE and WPPI attendees. This year didn't disappoint, sponsored by Peter Hurley Headshot Crew, Resource Magazine, and Image Rights, with some of the biggest names in photography, like Peter Hurley, Chase Jarvis, Jaron Schneider, Douglas Saunders, Peter Coulson, Dani Diamond, Zach Sutton, and Clay Cook in attendance. I enjoyed tending bar with my Canadian buddy Barry McKenzie, over-serving all the guests, and ultimately having the time of my life. I can't wait to do it again in Vegas 2016 for WPPI, and I hope to see you there!

Our RGG EDU Product Photography Tutorial Has Arrived!

The wait is over! RGG EDU launched Tony's tutorial this morning, and it's already selling like hot cakes. This week only, RGG EDU is offering $25 off with promo code 25OFF, making this comprehensive and valuable guide an even better deal. If you need further convincing, take a look at the trailers.

And before you start thinking everything is perfection, nothing ever goes wrong, and we're a serious bunch...

Our Product Photography Tutorial Is Only a Few Weeks Away

Back in the first part of December, 2014, Tony had the opportunity to shoot some epic tutorial videos for RGG EDU (you can get a peek behind the scenes on the RGG EDU blog). Over a period of eight days, the RGG EDU crew shot fifteen videos of Tony imparting his knowledge of commercial product photography for Catalog, Editorial, and Direct Business. The shoot was 3 months in the works, and another two in post production, but is finally ready for it's launch the first week of March. The tutorial offers an in depth, step by step break down of product photography from set up to post.  RGG EDU and Tony offer a valuable resource for anyone with an interest in commercial product photography, and at $299 it's a hellova deal! Anyone who signs up for RGG EDU's online newsletter gets opportunities for early release of the tutorials as well as info on upcoming releases and workshops. So go sign up!