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Platinum Corporate Allied Partner, AIA Spokane by Tony Roslund

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The majority of my business these days is commercial architecture photography (and video), so I interact with lots of architects and other A/E/C community teams. In an effort to expand on my current relationships, and support the relationships with those I have in the community, I've joined up as a Platinum Allied Partner with the AIA. This is their top level membership for non-architects and I'm proud to be a part, after all, without these folks creating all the epic architecture designs in the area, I'd be out of work!

In addition to my membership, I'm also sponsoring the upcoming 2018 Design Awards, with many of the submissions featuring my photography work. I'm excited to see some of these superb designs recognized and wish all the participants best of luck. 

Office Snapshots Feature by Tony Roslund

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We recently photographed the new home for one of our favorite architect clients, HDG Architecture. Their new office in Spokane, WA, and the images we created, were recently featured here in Office Snapshots. 

Office Snapshots is a leading online resource for office design and regularly features some pretty epic spaces.... often photographed by some epic photographers! It is an incredible asset not only for architects and designers, but also for architectural photographers seeking to keep an eye on current trends and styles.

Hospitality Design Magazine Feature by Tony Roslund

One of our fan favorite projects, NUDO Ramen House, earned a multi-page feature in Hospitality Design Magazine for HDG Architecture. Challenging to shoot, with high ceilings, combination of dark and light materials, and a long narrow footprint, we worked through the night lighting the scenes and making sure we maximized composition to perfectly capture the feel of the space.

We teamed up with HDG again... by Tony Roslund

Hurtado | Hissong Design Group [HDG] has been one of our favorite design/architecture groups to work with for quite a while. They have a passion for what they do and they know that the best way to show their work to the world is through dynamic imagery.... This is where we come in. Their projects (and some of our images) have been featured in Hospitality Design, Retail Design Blog, and many others. Below are a few projects we have completed for HDG...

Nectar Wine & Beer opened this year and has several unique design features that made for a fun photo shoot.

Timber Gastro Pub is another HDG project that opened this year in Post Falls, Idaho. This project was featured here in the Retail Design Blog.

The Boiler Room is a pizza joint in North Spokane with a cool industrial vibe, outfitted with reclaimed wood, concrete block, and pipe fixtures. 

Marketing Associates of Spokane Panel by Tony Roslund

Marketing Associates of Spokane (MAS) recently held an event at the Spokane Convention Center featuring local panelists. The topic of the event was "Missed Media Opportunities in the A/E/C Industry." For those who aren't familiar, A/E/C stands for Architecture/Engineering/Construction. 

MAS offered Tony the opportunity to join the discussion along with three other talented and knowledgeable panelists: Michelle Hege, President and CEO of DH, Kim Crompton, Editor at the Spokane Journal of Business, and Trinity Spencer, Assignment Manager at KREM

Panelists from Left: Kim Crompton, Michelle Hege, Trinity Spencer, and Tony Roslund.

Panelists from Left: Kim Crompton, Michelle Hege, Trinity Spencer, and Tony Roslund.

Tony offered his expertise in architectural photography to the MAS members. All of the panelists had very useful information and the event was a great success. The members seemed very engaged and were able to walk away with new insight on how to seize marketing opportunities via photography, video, social media, and print. 

Over 50 MAS members attended the event. 

Over 50 MAS members attended the event. 

The Professional Advantage by Tony Roslund

There are times I communicate with potential clients regarding a project that they ultimately elect to either tackle themselves, or hire another photographer who may not have adequate experience in the applicable genre. The decision is usually made with the intention of helping their business by saving money. The problem with that philosophy is that photography is generally not an area where cutting corners actually helps a business. Before consumers buy a product or hire a service provider, they are usually drawn to images of the product or the service provider's work. Poor quality of images can actually work against a business having a reverse effect. In architecture photography for example, while a contractor may be a phenomenal craftsman, if the images they use to display examples of their work contain slanted walls caused by odd camera angles, or distorted counter tops, vanities, and furniture because of "wide-angle" lenses, potential customers may miss the intended message. This is where an experienced professional can be a huge advantage.

In the example below, a client of mine who's a very talented fabricator and artist, shot his own photo of a table he'd completed and used it for an ad in a local publication. Later, he decided that the image simply didn't do the table justice. He hired me to reshoot the table which we both feel better represents the stunning quality of his work.

Which image would capture your interest when thumbing through a magazine or newspaper? Better yet, which table would you be more inclined to buy?

Before (Client Photo)

Before (Client Photo)

After (Photographer Photo)

After (Photographer Photo)

The Rusty Moose | Spokane Restaurant Photography by Tony Roslund

Wrapped up an interior shoot at Rusty Moose Bar and Grill last week, including two views of their main dining room and this one of their newly renovated lounge! Shooting the environments full of patrons was no easy task and involved compositing over 35 images. But the restaurant and it’s staff genuinely create a fun and friendly atmosphere in which people were happy and relaxed, making my job just a little bit easier.


SCAFCO | Seattle Commercial Photographer by Tony Roslund

Last week we shot a series of images for SCAFCO, one of the nation's largest manufacturers of steel studs. We spent two days with SCAFCO's marketing guy, Paul Terrell, who provided art direction for the project. The first in the studio and the second on-location at job site where many of their products are being used. The images are going to be used in a variety of advertisements and in their 2014 catalog. We look forward shooting for them in Seattle and possibly even San Francisco later in the year. Here's a few from the shoot:


Furniture Photography | Spokane Product Photographer by Tony Roslund

Photographed this custom wood and metal table last week, which was created by the guys at 1819 Incubator for Tangible Arts (previously mentioned here). They can build this design with a number of different wood species so showing the top wasn’t as important as the leg/support design for this photo. We will also be photographing this piece in the studio in a variety of other views. MTK

Custom wood and metal table photographed by Spokane product photographer.

Custom wood and metal table photographed by Spokane product photographer.

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