BTS Video from Our Latest Workshop by Tony Roslund

Thanks to all who attended, we sincerely enjoyed having you with us for the day! A special thanks to BlackRapid for lending us their space, RGG EDU and Capture Integration for sponsoring the event, and Erik Skaar for helping melt minds with our latest product photography workshop in Seattle.

Hi, I'm new here! by Tony Roslund

Hello! My name is Emily Smith Goodner, I'm the new Studio Manager here at Roslund Photography. I hesitate in capitalizing my job title. I just started last week and as of yet, have very little idea of what I am doing. Once I get the hang of this job/adventure, I'll capitalize the heck out of it.  For example, this is my very first blog post. EVER! My educational background is in History and film production, but in the years since graduation I have mostly been a barista and plumber. I blame the History portion of my degree for that.

I am really excited to be working with Tony and his crew,  the quality of the product this studio turns out is absolutely amazing.  Before Tony hired me, he invited me to Seattle to attend a worksop at the Black Rapid studio that they generously sponsored with Capture Integration and RGG EDU, so I could see exactly what Roslund Photography does. My outsider's verdict: commercial product photography consists of smoke and mirrors and beautiful lies! I left the workshop enlightened and totally flabbergasted. We were using Tony's Phase One IQ140 along with an IQ260 sent over by Phase One, and a Leaf Credo 40 on loan from Capture Integration. High res cameras pick up every contour of a product, every light reflection, every spec of dust! Each facet of the product must be tightly controlled to ensure the item or items are at their most visually appealing.

These will see into your soul. Make sure you are pure, sinless, and free of all fingerprints and dust. Phase One and Mamiya Leaf cameras and digital backs

These will see into your soul. Make sure you are pure, sinless, and free of all fingerprints and dust. Phase One and Mamiya Leaf cameras and digital backs

The whole experience changed my perspective on not only photography, but advertising, editing, and all the technology that goes with it. The first time in Tony's studio expanded that sense of wonder and curiosity. Twenty feet of black peg-board lines one wall, neatly organizing the countless tools a studio needs. I'm in Mac heaven around here, little apples glowing as they facilitate the technological demands of an industry gone totally digital.  I am certainly old enough to remember dark rooms and film. The dark room here is a combination of storeroom and time capsule, the equipment gathering dust and getting buried under piles of old photography detritus. 

Dusty room, dusty image.

Dusty room, dusty image.

It's great to have a new sense of excitement and wonder. I'll tell you about it as I learn. I'll tell you about the super cool gadgets we use, the companies we get to work with, the products that catch our eye, opportunities Roslund Photography gives to expand the craft, and of course my evolving perspective. Stick around.

BlackRapid Podcast by Tony Roslund

I'm currently in the planning stages for a product photography workshop with the fine folks at BlackRapid, maker of the best straps in the biz, at their Seattle studio in January (more details on that later). During my last visit to their facility, I sat down for a Podcast to discuss my background, my photographic process, Fstoppers, RGG EDU, and lots of other random topics. You can download it on iTunes or listen here: