catalog photography

Luxury Skincare Product Photography by Tony Roslund


Who says catalog photography can't be sexy? We recently photographed a line of products for H is for Love, a cruelty-free and almost entirely organic and wild-sourced luxury skincare company. Their tagline is "Nature is Enough" which we thought was a good match with us and our tagline of "Do Average Elsewhere." We both offer bold statements that helps us stay focused on a mission of quality. 

When Bee, the owner of H is for Love, approached us about photographing her product line, we could instantly see the passion and intensity she feels for both her brand and her products. Her problem was her photography was, well, average. We took on the project and helped develop and execute her vision of clean simplicity with a luxury feel, but without being pretentious. 

Check out a selection of H is for Love's final product images below. Be on the look out for her upcoming new website and the launch of a couple new products.