RocknRoller MultiCart: The Most Useful Tool In A Location Photographer's Kit

Ever since I briefly introduced it in my Photographer's Grip Kit video, people have been emailing and messaging me regarding the utility cart I use to haul gear around a job site. As a result, I figured a video was in order to talk about the cart in more detail, along with the modifications we've made to better adapt it to our workflow.

The RocknRoller MultiCart is a modular utility cart, which is really just a hand truck on four wheels in it's purist form. But the ability to select all-terrain tires, add platforms and shelving, and fold flat for stowing and transport is what makes it a great choice for location photographers. After loading it up with gear at the car, we drag it to the set, and then partially unload it to utilize the top shelf as a computer platform for tethered shooting. The MultiCart sells for $100-$300 (depending on options) at most photo supply houses and Guitar Centers (bands and DJs use them to haul gear too).